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Are we there yet? Turn that trip or errand into a simple, fun learning game that helps your child make sense of the world around him.

In the car: Use driving time to enhance your child's natural curiosity - find ways to interact and connect with your child.

On the bus or subway: Riding public transit exposes your child to different people and new things. Use this time to heighten your child's sense of adventure.

On a walk: Taking your child on a walk is not only good exercise, but also allows them to experience nature and learn about the outdoors.

These tips were developed for Born Learning by Mind in the Making, a project of the Families and Work Institute and New Screen Concepts.


Quick Tips

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Turn chores like laundry into learning activities. Ask your child to identify colors, help you separate lights and darks, or count the number of socks. These activities will help build math and cooperation skills.


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